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Axiom Infrastructure

About Us:

Axiom Corp. established operations in Nairobi, Kenya, where our head office is located, and was incorporated in April 2012. We are an infrastructure Company focusing on the eastern African markets of Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya. Ambitiously we intend to focus our business plan on constructing schools, hospitals, bridges, roads, airports and social housing in those markets, among other major projects that will help revive these emerging markets. The Company intends to be one of the key and well-funded infrastructure companies focusing on these types of projects in this region.


Our plan within the next five years is to heavily link these three nations together, as well as connecting and integrating urban areas to less populated areas within these three nations. Recent international aid and government spending in these countries is currently focused on infrastructure improvements, targeting road construction and transport logistics. Axiom’s infrastructure plans are to hopefully transform the economic landscape of the region and in the process create significant numbers of new jobs and strengthen the delivery of basic goods and services to the people of East Africa and support the integration of these Economies.  

Our Mission

Eastern African governments are continual promoting the development of infrastructure and our mission is to implement these plans soundly and efficiently.